LOTTE was founded in 1948 and this year celebrates its 67th year. The Company name of LOTTE comes from the nickname of Lotte for Charlotte, the heroine in the novel The Sorrows of Young Werther written by the great German literary figure Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe and this name was used to represent the desire for the company to be loved by everyone.

Today LOTTE has grown into a general sweets producer family as "The Sweetheart of Your Mouth" through the wide variety of products we offer including chewing gum, chocolate and cookies. We are grategul for your support that has made this possible.

In addition, the diversification and internationalization of the Company's business have led to diversification into wide range of fields in Japan and represented by Lotteria, the mainly in Asia and America, and is expanding into and growing into a wide variety of fields, particulary in the foodstuffs industry in South Korea.

LOTTE has now grown into a global company group over 50 companies in Japan and overseas. There is not room to introduce all of them on our website, but there is much information about the main companies, so we would be pleased if you tool advantage of this information to deepen your understanding of LOTTE's business and products.

LOTTE will continue expanding its activities to remain a company loved by everyone. We would be grateful for your continuing support.


Lotte becomes the fastest growing & admired company which delivers trust worthy products that bring happiness & create new values to target consumer.


  • Passion
  • Team Work
  • Action Oriented
  • Integrity and Trust
  • Responsibility



We develop a positive and optimistic attitude in creating a competitive and creative organization. We are driven by our passion, commitment to our customers and determination in the pursuit of excellence. We are joyful in what we do. We are courageous to face and tackle the challenges that come our way. We push ourselves for continuous improvement. We have the discipline to do what needs to be done. We set higher goals with conviction that we will succeed.

Action Oriented

We are willing to take practical action to deal with problem or situation in order to meet our customer satisfaction. We believe our action motivates not just ourselves but also to the company. We do not afraid taking action further development and improvement by ourselves in order to achieve our own goals.


We abide in the rules, regulations and ethical standards. We believe in ownership, knowing each and everyone's role and comesponding duties to the company and the client. We are responsible for our actions, knowing that whatever we do reflects not just to ourselves but also to the company. We deliver and produce results barring constraints.

Team Work

We work in a cooperative and coordinated way. We establish and maintain healthy and productive relationships with internal and external customers through exchange thouhgts, views and opinions. We consider others perspectives to produce synergistic effects in paving the future.

Integrity and Trust

We work in an environment where there is open communication. We speak the truth. We share our view points. We are transparent to one another. We have confidence in the ability of our people to carry on the responsibility of his job in an excellent manner. We build trust by keeping our word.


  • Guylian

    Established: 1938

    Manuf. Premium Chocolate

  • Lotte Vietnam Co.,

    Established: 1996

    Manuf. & Selling Gum

  • Lotte Confectionery Pilipinas

    Established: 2009

    Rep. & Sales Office

  • Lotte USA Inc.

    Established: 1978

    Manuf. Gum Base & Sales

  • Lotte India

    Established: 2005

  • Lotte Singapore Pte. Ltd

    Established: 2010

    Rep. & Sales Office

  • Thai Lotte Co., Ltd.

    Established: 1989

    Manuf. & Selling Gum, Koala

  • Lotte Taiwan Co.,

    Established: 2005

    Rep. & Sales Office

  • Lotte Wedel Poland

    Established: 2010

    Manuf. Premium Chocolate

  • PT Lotte Indonesia

    Established: 1993

    Manuf. & Selling Gum, Candy

  • Lotte KF RUS

    Established: 2007

  • Lotte China Investment

    Established; 1994

    Manuf. & Selling Gum, Choco, Biscuit

  • Lotte Malaysia Sdn.Bhd.

    Established: 2007

    Rep. & Sales Office


The History of PT. Lotte Indonesia

  1. Lotte, Lotte Shoji(Domestic Confe.) Lotte Ice cream, Lotte Health Industry Lotteria(Fast Food), Food service Krispy Kreme, Burger King Lotte Marines(Baseball Team) Lotte Trading(Import, Export) Lotte Hotel in Tokyo

    • Food & Beverage Section, Hotels 
    • Theme park, Retails; Department, Lottemart Petro chemistry & Machinery Information & telecomunication
    •  Election Trading & Servicing Section Welfare, Researching
    •  Supporting
    • PT Lotte Indonesia Established
    • JV with :
      1. Lotte Japan
      2. PT Surya Investindo Perkasa(GG)
      3. Marubeni
  2. PT Lotte Indonesia Launched Function gum Xylitol chewing gum.

    • PT Lotte Indonesia Split from GG,
    • Lotte Japan acquires equity of 95%.
  3. PT Lotte Indonesia Launched Chocolate Koala's March.

  4. PT Lotte Indonesia Launched Biscuit Factory (LOTTE CHOCO PIE) beside Gum Factory